Who is Deker Bauer?

Deker suicide event 2013

Deker is a son,  a brother, an actor and skateboard enthusiast. He is a young man always willing to help and a passionate volunteer. He is also the reason behind this Foundation.

We speak of Deker in the present moment but this 17 year old completed suicide in 2014.

The sudden tragic loss of Deker left a dark empty hole in the lives of all who knew him. And though his absence is palpable, his spirit lives on through the work we do.

Just 3 years after losing Deker, we find ourselves asking these questions:  ‘What if there existed a safe space with the feel of a welcoming living room, attended by trained volunteers dedicated to assisting individuals contemplating suicide find help and resources in the midst of crises? If such a place existed, would Deker still be with us today?’  We will never know why Deker felt suicide was his only choice, but we cannot stop asking the ‘what if’?   What if we can create that safe space? What if we can prevent another suicide?

 We give thanks to Deker for the 17 years of love he shared with his family and friends, for giving us the strength to keep this foundation growing,  and to the immeasurable number of lives he will touch through the work we do on his behalf.

 Deker, we honour your life and promise to channel your spirit through us as we build your foundation bigger and stronger. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten but rather transmuted into inspired action so that others may survive suicide and become champions for your cause.