The Deker Bauer Foundation is a non profit charitable organization that relies on generous donations to continue to delivering our services to the community.

Name Amount Raised
April Hebert$0.00
Laurie Griffin$0.00
Darlene Falls$0.00
Erica Ingles$10.00
Fred Formosa$0.00
Marc Toutant$0.00
Jan Deveer$0.00
Jd Yull$40.00
Jennifer Hebert-Day$0.00
Kris Henrikson$0.00
Mike Ingles$10.00
Wendy Mclean$30.00
Peter Sum$0.00
Lauren Friesen$0.00
Sarah Franco$0.00
Kathy Brock$0.00
Hilary Gill$0.00
Dennis Quinton$0.00
Anita Trusler$0.00
Stephen Ingles$10.00