Our purpose is to promote mental health and to help prevent suicide by operating a drop in crisis centre and by offering counselling and workshops. To undertake activities ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the above charitable purpose.

Deker Bauer was a young man who was always so full of life. In August 2014, Deker died by suicide, he was only 17 years old. When a loved one dies, it feels like a part of you dies with them. Imagine losing a loved one… never seeing them realize their dreams… one of the biggest fears you would experience would be letting their memory fade, so in this light, The Deker Bauer Foundation for Suicide Prevention came to be and is intent on carrying on the memories of each and every person lost to suicide.

We’re “hear” for you. This is our promise.

Individuals who are at risk need somewhere to go where they feel safe and comfortable to talk about whatever is bothering them.

Our goal is to open a drop in crisis centre where individuals or families can come to talk or access resources 24/7 because suicide, depression and grief do not happen between 9 & 5, nor when a scheduled appointment is made.

We are partnering with other agencies working towards the same goal, for the health and wellness of individuals in our community and to provide the resources our community so rightfully deserves. Fundraising efforts are ongoing to help bring this to fruition. If you would like to help us get there by making a monetary donation, please click on the green “Donate” button to the right.

Our Mission is to strive to understand and help prevent suicide through research, education, and advocacy.

Our Vision is to reach out to people with mental illness, as well as those impacted by suicide. To get rid of the stigma about mental illness. To be the voice for those who no longer have a voice. To no longer use the term “they committed suicide” but to say “they died by suicide”, “they died from mental illness” or “they completed suicide”.